A Guide To Groom Kids For First Time Parents

Grooming a child can be an exciting job for experienced parents, but it might not be very comforting for the first-time parent. You might be feeling confident that you know everything about baby care, bathing, and grooming, but perhaps you might not. We all know kids are too delicate and sensitive; hence, their care is in our hands.

Sometimes kid’s grooming is not as easy as it looks like; it brings many hardships and challenges, especially when tried by first-time parents. No doubt, kids look very sweet even in untidy clothes or uncleaned bodies, but they still need grooming to stay healthy and fit. Since you are first-timers, the tips mentioned here will assist you in making your newborn clean, cozy, and happy and, at the same time, will help you enjoy the grooming of your kid. 

Tips to take care of a baby

So, learn here on the grooming tips of your baby, from bathing to dressing and combing to nail clipping, everything with complete perfection. For more tips about baby and parenting, you can visit the Baby Journey blog too.

  1. Kids don’t necessarily need to be given a bath every day, not more than 4 to 5 times in a week. If you still feel that your kid needs a bath, then you should see the weather conditions. Suppose the weather is hot then you can give him/her a short time bath or when its winter time every day is not required. When you are washing your baby’s body, see to it that the every body part is being washed properly, especially the diaper region, as they wear diapers almost all the time. Hence, there are huge chances of skin rashes.  

  2. Baby’s nails grow very fast. While cutting the nails, use only baby nail clippers or nail filers. Make the nails a little wet and then cut them as it will soften the nails without hurting the baby.

  3. Kids don’t have teeth at a very small, but you can clean or wipe the gums with a mouth cleaner, or you can also use a cloth or wipe to clean the gums.  

  4. You should clean the baby’s ear every day. After the bath is over, gently clean the whole ear with a wet cotton or ear bud that is meant for small kids. But while using the ear bud, be careful that it doesn’t go deep inside the ear.  

  5. Apply cream and powder to the overall body of your kid. Don’t apply any of the products that are not made for children. Sometimes it happens that parents apply the adult cream or powder on children’s bodies. You should always use baby care and grooming products to make them clean and fit.


If your child doesn’t let you cut his/her nails, you can wait for them to sleep. When they lay down, you can easily cut their nails. Trim the nails as you see them grow because kids are in the habit of putting their hands in their mouth, and dirt can enter, which is infectious.