What to do if your teenager doesn’t respect you

Any teenager can be impulsive, especially on a verbal level. This does not mean that because you are or because of the hormone revolution you have within you, you are allowed to respond or behave in a bad way. It is proven that a disrespectful teenager will turn into a disrespectful adult so adolescence is a critical teaching time.

You need to teach your child to control anger and know how to answer you without having to disrespect you. They can show their discontent without using rude words or speaking to you in an inappropriate tone. In reality, no matter what kinds of things I say to you, the way you respond to disrespect influences whether or not it will continue. If your teenager is disrespecting you, then you need to consider these effective ways to tackle the problem.

Rules that prioritize respect

At home, you will need to create rules that clarify which behaviors are acceptable and which will not be tolerated. While it is true that there are parents who do not mind having their children slam the door in their face when they get angry, this is disrespectful to you and should not be tolerated.

Make it clear which behaviors (such as insults, threats, etc.) will have negative consequences. If your teen engages in any of these behaviors, then you need to be consistent and apply those negative consequences.


If you don’t stay calm, don’t expect your teenager to do so. Although thinking this ‘cold’ now makes sense, when circumstances ‘heat up’, you should make a conscious effort to remember this. Yelling or arguing will only aggravate the situation. No matter what your teen says, breathe and stay calm.

If necessary, leave the room and count to 10 before responding to your child again. You will have to do whatever it takes to keep your temper from getting the worst of you.

Ignore attempts to get your attention

Adolescents want to behave like adults, but in many cases their behavior is very immature and childish. This is normal since they are still children even though their bodies are developing. Remember that your teenager will want to get away with it and not do the tasks that you have given him and that may be why he replies to you over and over again. The more time you spend replicating the longer your obligation will take.

Do not fall into this trap and do not give in to those answers that can delay your responsibility. Sometimes it is best to ignore your replicas a bit and make it clear what the consequences are if you do not perform the task you have been entrusted with. Without eye contact or paying attention to his behavior, he is likely to stop carrying out this attitude.

Be emotionally strong

Teens can also be disrespectful, thinking that doing so will make their parents change their minds about something that they are not interested in. It is necessary that as a father or mother, you are emotionally strong in the face of blackmail and bad words that your adolescent child may have with you.

In this sense, do not allow your teenager to change your mind once you have said no. If you have rules, you must stick to them. Warnings and consequences will be necessary many times to solve problems together … Remember that respect is earned by respecting.