Today you have to make me happy, so enjoy me!

The phrase that heads this article is a phrase that any child would tell you, only that they do not know that you are the one who must take care of their happiness and their development. Both fathers and mothers are responsible for the little ones growing up happy. They are dependent beings both physically and emotionally, and parents must rise to the occasion.

Any parent who practices mindful parenting knows that the best time to enjoy family and children is today. You learn from yesterday and fight for the future, but it is today when we have to enjoy life. For this, it is important to listen to your children, speak to them with love, hug them, give them kisses, smile, laugh out loud … and enjoy life!

All doctors warn: you have to slow down the speed of life. We go at a frenetic pace and we forget the most important thing: the enjoyment of today. Speed ​​only causes us stress and exhaustion and this is transmitted to our children. In addition, when we do not know how to put the handbrake on life, we miss important things … the simple things of the day to day, what really brings happiness!

“Zen discipline” is coming into the lives of many families to stop the stressed parenting style (always in a rush, bad mood, tired, no time for family, with daily cries of frustration, etc.). It is a more patient and calm type of discipline, where you enjoy the present with your children without losing sight of the future. In the “Zen discipline”, every gesture, every word, every silence, every affection … It is important.

In this type of discipline, rush is avoided, such as children leaving the diaper as soon as possible to respect their natural rhythm. They don’t try to get children to drink solids too early, they simply allow nature to take its course under surveillance to avoid suffocation.

Parents must not forget what it means to be a child. Children need everything from their parents, so their happiness and identity will develop also taking into account the relationship you have with them. Do you know how to make your children happy? It seems like a complicated question, but in reality it is a simple answer.

For your children to be happy you only need TIME. Time to live experiences in the present, everyday experiences … consists of being by his side and noticing that you are in his present. The time that you dedicate must always be of quality. It’s as easy as tickling him, laughing together, telling him a story every night, petting him, giving him hugs and kisses, singing together, taking a walk in the park, etc.

No matter how old your children are, they will never be too old to enjoy you or you. TODAY is the perfect day, and NOW is the ideal time to enjoy, to go out to the park, to paint together, to walk the dog, etc. The simplest things are the ones that will really make you happy …

Remember that today is the best day of your lives. Do not wait for tomorrow, do not wait for your children to be older, do not want to delay happiness when it is in your hands. Your children will be happy through you … and that responsibility is the most important you have to fulfill because you will be giving them emotional security, essential to grow and evolve in life!